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Affiliate Elite by Brad Callen

Affiliate Elite Secrets Revealed

How much will Affiliate Elite cost?

Brad is pricing Affiliate Elite at just $4.95.

There is also be a small monthly fee to cover full support and upgrades. Brad explains that this is necessary due to the massive *behind the scenes* work that goes into maintaining AffiliateElite.

And knowing the integrity of Brad and Bryxen Software, we have no doubt this is absolutely necessary. Brad Callen is NOT a marketer that adds unnecessary charges to his products!

When was Affiliate Elite released?

Affiliate Elite launched @ 12:00pm, Tuesday, 7 November 2007.

What are Affiliate Elite's features?

Affiliate Elite features four main categories, or "projects" as Brad Callen calls them.

Project 1 - Discover Profitable Affiliate Products To Promote

Affiliate Elite features the ability to access the entire product databases of Clickbank and PayDotCom. It also comes with comprehensive performance statistics to help you decide.

Project 2 - Reverse Google Search

Reverse engineer a website's inbound links. Type in an address and Affiliate Elite will compile a list of keywords (ads and links), as well as the keywords they are listed in Google's natural search results for.

Project 3 - AdWords Competition Analysis

Affiliate Elite has the ability to take a keyword list and discover every advertiser, their ads and their landing pages.

Project 4 - Discover Super Affiliates

The final major feature of Affiliate Elite involves finding the full list of affiliates for a major product. You don't just find out who the affiliates are, you also get their contact details. So if there's a top product in your niche you want to take down, simply get their full list of affiliates and directly approach them with your better offer.

Affiliate Elite Bonuses

An internet marketing product launch or sales page simply wouldn't be complete without a whole bunch of bonuses. And Affiliate Elite is no different.

AffiliateElite comes with four bonuses:

Affiliate Elite Bonus #1 - Power Affiliate Marketing Manuscript

Based on the research of Brad's company, Bryxen Software, the Manuscript contains "...the most effective strategies for affiliate marketers." It teaches strategies from beginner right through to advanced affiliate marketing.

Although not sold anywhere else, Brad puts the value of the Power Affiliate Marketing Manuscript at $97.

Affiliate Elite Bonus #2 - Access to Affiliate Elite Private Community

Affiliate Elite's second bonus is access to the "Private Community" (i.e. membership forum). We can tell you that considering the support given to LinkMetro, Keyword Elite and SEO Elite customers, Brad Callen himself will no doubt be very active in the forums, helping members make the most of Affiliate Elite.

Affiliate Elite Bonus #3 - Free Lifetime Upgrades

Listed as being worth $597.

Affiliate Elite Bonus #4 - Step by Step Training Videos

Comprehensive training videos to help users get the absolute most out of Affiliate Elite. Brad and his team claim these will be useful not just to novices, but even the most experienced affiliate marketers.


Stay tuned as we reveal more secrets of Affiliate Elite.



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